Monday, November 14, 2011

28 Day Boot Camp

Ok, so one of the things I have been doing is a 28 Day Boot Camp Workout at Spark! I'm currently on Day 6 and going strong. Already got my required workouts in. There is a 10 minute Toning Workout to do each day and you are supposed to do a 30 minute Cardio Workout of your choice as well. I do 30 minutes on the Treadmill. In keeping with my wanting to do a 'Booty Call" with the Tone it Up Girls , I did moderate walking on the treadmill this morning. I don't have a ton of energy in the morning(hopefully eventually that will change and I'll be one of those people who 'leap' out of bed each morning, but so far NOT) so I'm trying to take it a little easy. I just want to get my metabolism going a little bit to give me a slight edge thru-out the day. I still plan to do another 30 minute session on the treadmill later this afternoon(when I tend to have bundles of energy) and go a little harder!

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