Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another Day Down...

Not a LOT to Share ...did Day 3 of SiS...and then I did an hour on the treadmill...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jumping Back on the Wagon

I'm back at it.....Plan to do the Slim in Six Challenge. On Day Two so far. Also adding some cardio with the treadmill. The goal is to do the SIS workout 6 days a week...and also walk or run on the treadmill, at the bare minimum.......I am starting out at 204 lbs. I have a LOT of work to do.
 This is a body shot of what I look like now.....picture taken yesterday before my workout.

 Up and ready to head downstairs for my workout....I did the Start it Up workout with the SIS....
 And then I moved right to the treadmill for a cardio workout....
 I got in 20 minutes of walking at a fast pace before I called it quits today...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Weigh In Day!

Ok, so Fridays are my weigh-in day and I am proud to announce that I am down 2.8 pounds!! YES!! It's kicking in and actually working. As you can see I'm quite excited. Not sure if anything looks any different but I can feel things are changing. Mostly noticing muscles in my thighs. Sortof noticing small Biceps? Maybe? And my whole body 'feels' a little different. I definitely am feeling better, more energy. So all is going well.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Woo Hoo Week Two

Look at that it even ryhmes..LOL! Ok I finished week 1 with a bang. I'm quite prowd of myself. I've noticed the last couple of days have been a little rougher for me and there were a couple times I thought about skipping my workouts but decided to push thru. I think this is usually the point in all my weightloss plans that I 'give up" and I'm NOT going to do that this time. I AM going to make it to the very end of this BootCamp. It will be my first time really sticking to ANYthing. I WAS feeling a little guilty about not wanting to do my regular Cardio today. I decided I was going to 'take it easy' on myself. I do think I might be pushing myself too hard so I will have to think about possibly slowing down a little, we'll see. Maybe I just need to push thru it. Anyway ...that was before doing todays workout(which I forgot WAS cardio anyway) and whew..I feel like I worked pretty hard!! So not feeling so guilty about cutting back on the cardio today..LOL I also chose today to be a "Bonus Video" day since it was just the short cardio workout today. I did a 5 minute leg workout with bands. Short but INTENSE! So Day 1 Week Two! Go me!

Monday, November 14, 2011

28 Day Boot Camp

Ok, so one of the things I have been doing is a 28 Day Boot Camp Workout at Spark! I'm currently on Day 6 and going strong. Already got my required workouts in. There is a 10 minute Toning Workout to do each day and you are supposed to do a 30 minute Cardio Workout of your choice as well. I do 30 minutes on the Treadmill. In keeping with my wanting to do a 'Booty Call" with the Tone it Up Girls , I did moderate walking on the treadmill this morning. I don't have a ton of energy in the morning(hopefully eventually that will change and I'll be one of those people who 'leap' out of bed each morning, but so far NOT) so I'm trying to take it a little easy. I just want to get my metabolism going a little bit to give me a slight edge thru-out the day. I still plan to do another 30 minute session on the treadmill later this afternoon(when I tend to have bundles of energy) and go a little harder!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Booty Calls and Spark!! Oh Yeah!

So, like I said in my last post I've actually been at this for about two weeks. And I'm still going strong. I started out just making a few small changes and then just adding more and more. I cut out the soda(AGAIN) and am mostly just drinking water, with a little bit of tea here and there and once in a while a V8 Fusion juice. I also still have my one cup of coffee in the morning. I then started trying to eat cleaner and fit more veggies and fruit into my day. I have been eating a LOT of good salads. Luckily I really love salad and veggies and fruit so it's not really a hardship. I also started to slowly add a little bit of exercise each day. I started with just a few squats or pushups here and there. And then started adding a few more exercises like leg lifts and situps and such. I would just do them in little spurts throughout the day. Then I started to add a little cardio on the treadmill. After a few days I decided I needed to track my eating, not so much to stay UNDER my Calorie counts but more to make sure I was getting ENOUGH Calories to support my new activity levels. I want to get healthy not necessarily skinny. So I went back to to have a place I could keep track of everything I'm doing and see my progress. So far it's going well. I also have a few sites I like to go to, to keep me motivated and inspired and to get good info. My favorite right now is Tone it Up! with Karena and Katrina. OMG! These girls are just so darned cute and really encouraging. I love visiting their site and Facebook page daily. They have a LOT of good healthy eating tips and some GREAT workout videos that are FREE to use on their site! They have a thing called Booty Call where you are supposed to get in 30 minutes of Cardio right away in the morning as soon as you get up and then message them to let them know you did it. Today was my first BOOTY CALL! I've been doing my cardio in the evenings but decided to take their advice and do it this morning. I'll try again tomorrow....

I also like going to Tosca Reno's Clean Eating blog and her Facebook page to keep me on track and get more info on eating clean. All in all I'm feeling great and can't believe I never stuck with this before. I've always like exercising (don't know why I never keep it up) and love healthy foods(have no idea why I go back to junk!?)I really plan to stick it out this time. I don't know, something really feels different this time, like something really 'clicked"? So here's to a healthier life!

Starting Over

Yep..I'm at it again. It's funny I just looked thru a few of my old posts and this was one from when I 'started again' in January of 09. I could basically have written it today. As  a matter of fact I had planned to, but figured why bother. Just click on the link to go to it. It's still true today. I plan to do it basically the same way. I've actually been at if for about 2 weeks or so and still going strong. Going VERY strong even! I really feel THIS time is THE time.