Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Woo Hoo Week Two

Look at that it even ryhmes..LOL! Ok I finished week 1 with a bang. I'm quite prowd of myself. I've noticed the last couple of days have been a little rougher for me and there were a couple times I thought about skipping my workouts but decided to push thru. I think this is usually the point in all my weightloss plans that I 'give up" and I'm NOT going to do that this time. I AM going to make it to the very end of this BootCamp. It will be my first time really sticking to ANYthing. I WAS feeling a little guilty about not wanting to do my regular Cardio today. I decided I was going to 'take it easy' on myself. I do think I might be pushing myself too hard so I will have to think about possibly slowing down a little, we'll see. Maybe I just need to push thru it. Anyway ...that was before doing todays workout(which I forgot WAS cardio anyway) and whew..I feel like I worked pretty hard!! So not feeling so guilty about cutting back on the cardio today..LOL I also chose today to be a "Bonus Video" day since it was just the short cardio workout today. I did a 5 minute leg workout with bands. Short but INTENSE! So Day 1 Week Two! Go me!

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