Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today has been a good day. I meant to have Coffee and Breakfast before Mass, but the monring got away from me and I forgot. We had a nice fellowship after Mass though so I had a small plate. I was VERY good and didn't pig out or anything...and had a small cup of milk with it.

For Lunch I just had veggies, grapes, and cheese with some water....

I only ate half the ranch dip

I relaxed for the rest of the day and had a few more glasses of water...

Then for Dinner I made Morrocan Chicken( from Tosca Reno's Eat-Clean Cookbook)
and Curried CousCous(from added chopped onion to the recipe)...This meal turned out REALLY was simple to make and VERY tasty and HEALTHY to boot!

I left a few bites on the plate as I got full before I could finish.

Tonight I treated myself to a few slices of Sara Lee Poundcake. ...and bottle of Soda....everything in moderation.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Today was a day of relaxation. After I got a few chores done this morning, I spent a little time surfing some of my favorite blogs. One I was reading this morning is The Chic Life...she's in the 9th week of a 12 week challenge of making Small Changes with Big Results, which she calls SCBR. I hadn't read her blog for a few months, so I had been missing out on this really inspiring and encouraging blogging! So now I'm trying to backtrack and catch-up on her plan. It sounds extemely doable. It's about making small changes to get healthier and in better shape..It's not about losing a specific amount of weight , just about getting healthier and I like it! I also have to say I love reading her food and cooking posts. She makes healthy look GOOD and I've gotten some of my best meal ideas from reading her blog. I really need to read her more regularly.

Anyway, she also has a small food challenge where she is challenging her readers to incorporate certain 'healthy' foods or ingredients to their weekly menus. Again I am behind on reading about this so I missed out on most of her challenges..but that doesn't mean I can't catch up and apply these tidbits to my life today. One of the ingredients in her weekly food challenge was Tumeric. According to the post Tumeric is an anti-inflammatory and may have Cancer preventing properties. She challenged her readers to incorporate Tumeric into their weekly menus. I think this was back in February, so of course I'm a bit late in this 'challenge"...but...I decided to go ahead and try it today. For breakfast I made scrambled eggs, with onion , greenpepper,a dash of Cheddar and a nice dose of Tumeric..and you know what? It was REALLY tasty. the Tumeric really added another dimension to the flavor. It was far from bland...and I will be making eggs with Tumeric more often.

So today, inspired by The Chic Life I had Scrambled Eggs with Tumeric with a slice of whole wheat toast for Brunch( didn't get around to eating breakfast when I first got up. I was too busy getting a few chores done and reading ehr blog..LOL) . I did have two cups of Coffee. I then did a half hour of Namaste Yoga( also inspired by TCL) . Then I spent part of the Afternoon relaxing out on the Balcony with a good book( also inspiring) and downing a few glasses of water( it was HOT today) . The inspiring book I read today?
It was a really good read. It's a Christian based book on how to be a Diva like various women of the Bible such as Ruth, Esther, Deborah, the Virgin Mary, and Proverbs 31 Woman as well as a few others. It's not about being a spoiled, Prima Donna....but about being a strong woman in God's presence.

After a few days of Sunshine and warm weather I'm starting get a nice glow about me, and feeling totally UNstressed. I plan to spend the rest of my afternoon relaxing some more. I think I'll snack on a nice fresh apple after I post this blog, drink some more water, eat a nice healthy dinner and take a nice relaxing walk around the block this evening when it cools down a little bit. And talk to my hubby tonight,when he makes his nightly call....
This Afternoon's Outfit:
(this is why I put the blankets up on my balcony...don't want to share TOO much with the Neighbors...)
Sundress-One of my latest mark. purchases.
Pink Ballcap-bought last fall at a Tourist shop in VA Beach
Sunglasses-Lilly P a recent eBay Purchase!

In keeping with today's theme I had a really yummy, relatively healthy, dinner. I marinated a boneless porkchop( I was just watching Cooking with Sam on FitTV and it said Skinless Chicken has more fat than Boneless Pork Chops) in some Raspberry Vinaigrette mixed with a little bit of Chinese Sauce( I"m trying to use up what I can in my fridge in anticipation of my impending move sometime in the next century). And I sauteed some Onion, Zucchini and Yellow Squash...nothing fancy just sauteed in a little bit of butter with salt and pepper...and that was it...and it was REALLY good....this was extrememly easy and only took maybe 15 minutes to make( I did marinate the chops earlier today)...sometimes 'simple' is more than enough.I did also have a glass of what I'm calling "Cheater Margarita"....It comes in a box with a spigot ( kinda like "wine in a box" except it's "margarita in a box") ..It's actually quite good and now I can have a 'ready made" Margarita any time I want...LOL

Updated to add:

I took my walk around the took me about 25 minutes walking atg a good clip. Man am I out of shape though. I started getting aches and pains right away....but then as I came to the end of my walk they were gone and I was feeling ok. I really just need to get out regularly a DO it! One 'good' thing about being so out of shape, is that I will probably start to see and feel results pretty quickly which should help to keep me motivated.....

Friday, January 23, 2009

Weigh In Day!!

...and I am a Happy Camper! This morning's weigh in was 196.4 for a loss of 7.2*!!! YES!! I am happy. So far the WW is working and I'm actually enjoying it. I don't feel like I'm not getting enough to eat. I'm eating food I like. I haven't even added 'excercise" yet. So I think I will do even better if I can get off my butt and do that too.

**on a side note...I don't think the starting weight of 203.6 was entirely's what the scale said the day I started but I think my starting weight was more around 198/199.. so I doubt I really lost 7.2. But I still lost at least a couple of pounds so I'm happy!

Also I've updated my stats....I have an initial Goal Weight of 188.1 . That's just my First Goal of 5% based on WW. I plan to lose much more. But taking baby steps.

Sparkpeople Quote of the Day

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."
- Bill Cosby, comedian

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today's Lunch

Doing pretty well so far. This was only 6.5 points and I had a small breakfast so I did ok today. Or we'll see once I factor in the Dinner I ate tonight. I still have a lot of flex points left though. So I'll be ok. Lunch was an Enchilada type thing. My son made them last night. It was actually pretty good. And I had Dole Fall Harvest Salad with a sprinkling of Feta for a side.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So Far So Good

Things are going pretty well. I decided to sign up for WW Online and try my hand at counting 'Points" again. I did WW a few years ago and I've done it off and on on my own and gotten some results. Let's see if I can stick it out. I'm not sure that I'll be hardcore WW, but they do have some sensible ideas, so I think I can work with it. Today is only my second day of keeping track of my points. Yesterday was good. I used exactly the amount of my daily allotment. Here's my lunch for today:

Half a left over Pork chop from last nights dinner( this was to DIE for..delicious), about a cup of Dole Perfect Harvest Salad with a sprinkling of Feta Cheese, and half a slice of homemade herb bread ( made yesterday). It was very filling and very delicious. I think it came to about 7.5 points.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Plan

Now on to the "Plan" really not to do any real "Plan"....the main thing I plan to do is start adding Healthy Habits to my life Day by Day...I would like to eat cleaner...and will try to incorporate Eating Clean and Moving Everyday. One thing that motivated me recently was the Simple Steps Book.....It had 10 weeks worth of Simple Steps to take to take control of your life and that's pretty much how I plan to handle the weightloss....simple day at a time.

So what is my first 'Healthy Habit"? Drink more water.....I've actually been doing this for a while although with the Holidays and parties and teens being home ... I've been slacking off and drinking soda back to drinking MORE water and less soda...

One More Time...

So here I am yet again trying to lose this weight and starting a new blog.....I think this is my third attempt at doing a Weightloss Blog.....third times a charm????

So here's what the scale has to say today.....I'm not sure It's really all that accurate as lately I've been hovering around 198...but since I'm 'Officially" Starting today....and this is what the scale says today...I'm going to state this as my "Official" Starting Weight....